Bali at Long Last


I’m not completely sure why it took me 4 months to get this series done and dusted but here it is, some of the final moments from my trip last year and I promise the last post with these old photos! I felt they deserved to be published because some of these places around inland bali and Nusa Lembongan are just ridiculous, these colours are real just to let you know. People travel to bali all the time. I’d even go as far to say it is a customary Australian experience but in my opinion so many of the best places in bali are overlooked because of the comparatively affordable prices of resorts and luxury spas. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to gain an authentic experience of the place you are in as opposed to accepting what is offered at the surface level.

Yoga Barn was a huge thing for me and I would recommend a visit to everyone and anyone. I spent minimum 3 hours a day in their yoga classes of all varieties and chowing down on their delicious menu. It’s literally just too good. The teachers that gather there are so wise and inspirational. In particular I connected with my vinyasa teacher Marcus. He pushed me to levels in my practice I never thought I was able to reach. Like me, what?  They say practice in the real world what you practice on the mat. The mental aspects of yoga are so applicable to our lives. Our perception of the world is shaped by our thoughts. Positive of negative. It is our choice to decide how we react to what life sends our way. It is not what happens to us rather how we deal with it.

Over the 5 weeks I spent there with a variety of wonderful friends there were wild times, terrible taxi cd’s that only featured Pitbull and an uncanny number of life changing experiences. Maybe it was the overwhelming yoga culture of Ubud or the friendly nature of Balinese people that restored my connection with other people and myself (3 weeks at the yoga barn also facilitated this development… a lot). That is not to say our time there was perfect. Not at all. The unfortunate reality of Indonesia is that it is such a beautiful part of the world only to be compromised by the pollution and exploitation of the people but thats for another time.

Regardless of these factors, the sense of community you feel in this place is undeniable. It is so special to see such united people, oriented by family and friends as well as to be included in that is invaluable. So there it is, a small recount of my experience. No it doesn’t encapsulate all I saw and learnt. From my experience there are so many things you just have to learn yourself and travelling can bring light to so many elements of your personality you didn’t even know existed. Always looking forward to the next escapade.
_MG_7263 _MG_7355 _MG_7271 _MG_6782 _MG_7055 _MG_7065 _MG_7095 _MG_7120 _MG_7122 _MG_7134 _MG_7233 _MG_7250 _MG_7322 _MG_7424 _MG_7334_MG_7252

The Beauty of Hind sight

IMG_3247In my spare moments I often catch myself overlooking the hundreds of photos from my trip last year. Even though it seems so long ago I find so much joy in laughing at all the crazy times and ridiculous memories. Even more so I love gaining new appreciation for moments that I may have overlooked, I feel like these photos are some of them or even just pictures I never got around to posting… may have crushed my lap top which made it slightly off-putting. But here I am, potentially living in the past yet it keeps me strong in the present whilst enticing me for future travels. Confucius Says.  The following photos were taken on Safari through Namibia and Botswana… sorry I feel as though my later Indonesia photos had to be grouped together in another collection, stay tuned.

Happy days my loves!
IMG_3115 IMG_3246 IMG_3950 IMG_3875 IMG_3917 IMG_4880 IMG_4798 IMG_4903 IMG_4911 IMG_4925 IMG_5006

Summer collection

_MG_7846Being home again threw me straight back into the motions in terms of work and upcoming university (happily taking on a degree in photography and international studies yeayeahaa ) thus I have diligently neglected this blog. However, the summer has been incredible filled with so many new experiences and adventures physically and emotionally. Being overseas allowed me to appreciate what I have here in Australia. A beautiful country and amazing people. True to the summer spirit we’ve been camping, hiking, road tripping, eating ridiculous amounts of mangoes hence. The fun continues.

This time has been a huge period of growth for me on many fronts which I hope to share down the line once I collect my thoughts. In the mean time, here are some images of the sunny days and beautiful people with whom I share this life. There is plenty more to come, surely things I have missed, so stay tuned folks.

_MG_7755 _MG_7637DSCF2183 _MG_7648 _MG_7673_MG_7739 _MG_7716 _MG_7866_MG_7690 _MG_7696 _MG_7802_MG_7751DSCF2197DSCF2185 _MG_7875 _MG_7897_MG_7889DSCF2227

Bali Part 1

_MG_6809 We finally made it to Indonesia after completing the south east asia loop. Being in Indonesia for the second time this year has made me no less excited as we venture to the gili islands and basically everywhere you can go on this little island. However I am very much looking forward to the two weeks my friend and I are spending in Ubud, predominantly at the yoga barn for some deep relaxing and cleansing. I found my heaven on earth._MG_6817 _MG_6903 _MG_6921 _MG_6946 _MG_6961 _MG_6973IMG_6978_MG_6966_MG_6969

Climbing Mount Kinabalu…a good attempt


Countless obstacles revealed themselves as we faced the challenge of summiting the worlds 20th highest mountain. With no training, mountain knowledge or appropriate equipment, we spontaneously took on the challenge of reaching the 13,00 ft peak. After 6 km of stair climbing to our base camp, our spirits were high in anticipation for the 2am summit sunrise hike. Oblivious to the reality of the given weather conditions, we scaled rock faces and …. more stairs to come to the final checkpoint of the trail. We soon realised we were the first people up the mountain, we had lost our guide and there was no one following us.

At this point we met some random english backpackers. Considering the sub zero temperatures and our highly inappropriate gear (i.e. exercise pants and cotton rain jackets) we penguin huddled in the toilets for a solid 45 minutes. Soon after a ranger came through only to tell us to turn around because of the dangerous weather and that most people had stopped far before us to go back.

We were sincerely disappointed but it was indeed an adventure. _MG_6620

_MG_6704 _MG_6711 _MG_6718 _MG_6653 _MG_6645 _MG_6624 _MG_6621 _MG_6612 _MG_6610_MG_6606_MG_6608 _MG_6601